Ethereum + Telegram + Tipsomat
benefit from tokenization today
We have come up with a new way of creating cryptocurrencies. Create an appropriate token quickly and easily with Tipsomat.
ERC-20 token
Token as Ethereum based smart contracts.
ERC-20. Fixed supply 100M tokens. Burnable.
Platform as liquidity provider from the very first moment.
Automatic market maker based on Bancor formula.
Token economy which covers 100% of business needs.
Telegram channel as single source of truth and interface to exchange.
Telegram chat for community-wise transfers and payments.
Pricing & fees
1% Tipsomat share (X)
1% of initial supply of user token owned by Tipsomat
9% Liquidity lock (Y)
9% of initial supply of user token locked for liquidity and gradually added to reserves
0.1% Exchange fee (Z)
0.1% of each token conversion
made with ❤️ in Chiang Mai
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