Create a powerful
and ready to use
crypto token
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How to make thousands of people happy?
all you need is love and tokenization
We have come up with a new way of creating cryptocurrencies. Now everyone is a token designer if they have passion for their business. It doesn't matter what - a single professional, team or even crypto fund - create an appropriate token quickly and easily with Tipsomat.
Tipsomat solves most complicated problems related to tokenization
Smart Contracts
Ethereum based.
ERC-20. Fixed supply 100M tokens. Burnable.
Platform as liquidity provider from the very first moment.
Automatic market maker based on Bancor formula.
Token economy which covers 100% of business needs.
Telegram channel as single source of truth and interface to exchange.
Telegram chat for community-wise transfers and payments.
Simple. Powerful. Secure.
4 basic actions
tokenization process based on 4 basic actions
Buy user tokens and keep them
Sell user tokens
Buy user tokens and give them to issuer (support the project)
Burn user tokens. Therefore increase value of the rest.
User tokens
3 basic implementations which cover
most of use cases
Professional token (Digital Nomad Token)
Just follow two basic rules.
1. Provide your services for your tokens
2. Increase demand with time.
Subscription token (Patreon on Telegram)
Publish quality content on your channel. Subscribers will automatically pay subscription fee in your tokens.
Crypto fund (collective investments)
Collaborate with professional players and move your wealth to crypto.
Mining farms.
Minimum Tokenization Kit
For example, to fully benefit from tokenization you just need
Opera for Android
web3 built in support
secure messenger, payment channel, single source of truth, publishing tool, interface to Tipsomat exchange
dapp, bot, exchange, community
Ethereum + Telegram + Tipsomat

benefit from tokenization today
Pricing & fees
1% Tipsomat share (X)
1% of initial supply of user token owned by Tipsomat
9% Liquidity lock (Y)
9% of initial supply of user token locked for liquidity and gradually added to reserves
0.1% Exchange fee (Z)
0.1% of each token conversion
X, Y, Z - adjustable variables controlled by Tipsomat team
Tip Token (TIP)
platform default token
10% private presale
10% public presale
30% public crowdsale (10% will be used for liquidity)
10% team
10% interns
10% advisers, bounty
10% seed100
10% airdrop
Q1 2019 POC (private presale)
Q2 2019 MVP (public presale)
Q3 2019 Beta release (ICO)
Q4 2019 Stable release
2020 Seed 100
Seed 100
100 projects selected by platform
will get 100,000 TIP each for initial liquidity
100 tokens subsidized by platform
100k TIP
100k TIP for initial liquidity
by the end of 2020 Tipsomat will seed 100 projects
Digital nomad friendly.
Tipsomat users.
Max Pogorelov
Founder & Token Designer
Master of Computer Science.
10 years in web development.
Created tokens worth of 25 million USD in 2018.
Kateryna Tomina
Business Development Consultant
8 years in IT sphere. 5 years of business development experience.
7 products launched from an idea to a working and profitable business model.
Jorn van Zwanenburg
Strategic Adviser
Researching the potential of blockchain technology and crypto assets since early 2016, working with a variety of projects that are looking beyond the obvious to find truly innovative use cases.
Tip Token will be available for purchase in
3 rounds:
Private Presale, Public Presale, Initial Exchange Offering
Private Presale (Q2 2019, invitation-based)
Public Presale (Q3 2019, whitelisting) 10%
~ 500K USD 10%
early stage investors
Initial Exchange Offering (Q4 2019)
20% crowdsale
10% will be used for TIP liquidity
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